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Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Short Biography

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), He is the best and last prophet. The most significant event in the history of mankind is the advent of the Prophet Muhammad and the introduction of Islam. He appeared in the ancient desert capital of Mecca on the 12th of Rabiul Awwal. That was probably 570 AD. He is the son of the famous Quraysh dynasty. Father Hazrat Abdullah and mother Amina.

The great men had long ago guessed that Hazrat had come to this world as a messenger sent by God. He is the last prophet. Long before his advent, Hazrat Adam, Hazrat Noah, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Ibrahim and other great scholars had predicted the advent of Hazrat Muhammad. Hazrat Muhammad came to earth to save the fallen people. The condition of the Arab nation at that time was very deplorable. They used to fight among themselves. There was lawlessness all around. Murder instead of murder was their custom.

The Arabs were always accustomed to lying, adultery, theft, robbery and rape. Their religious ceremonies were full of chaos. In the name of religion, various forms of exploitation were carried out. They were believers in idol worship. They could do anything to satisfy their bad desires. And superstition was also step by step. There were 360 ​​idols of gods and goddesses in the Kaaba, and all these Arabs used to gather and worship these idols.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Short Biography

There was no such thing as respect for girls in society. Girls were considered as objects of enjoyment. The children did not respect the mothers. Men used to be proud by insulting and exploiting girls. Married women could be abandoned at will. A woman in a family was enjoyed by different men of that family. It was a common example. Human sacrifices were also given. The slave system was in full swing. 

Hazrat Muhammad transformed this degenerate nation into a well-educated nation. Hazrat Muhammad was a thinker from his childhood. He could concentrate his mind even in loud words. Any rush was out of his habit or disposition. His mind was full of sympathy. The sorrows of others would upset him. Before Hazrat was born, his father took care of his body. Her mother died when she was 6 months old. Having lost his parents, he raised Hazrat Muhammad first with his grandfather Abdul Motali and later with his cousin Abu Talib.

Abu Talib took him to Syria when he was only 12 years old. His visit to Syria is very significant. Because Hazrat got acquainted with many local and foreign people in Syria, and his ideas about different religions grew. In his early life, Hazrat had to work hard for his livelihood. He had to spend all day in the grasslands and valleys to graze his cattle. He used to be anxious in his work. He was also a nature lover.

He would be fascinated by the red sun of the morning, and in the same way the floating moon of the night would excite him. He could easily mix with people. His simplicity and knowledge fascinated everyone. But he could not help but protest when he saw something wrong. His strength in this regard was very remarkable. He did not bow down and accept injustice. For these qualities, he is known as a unique personality among the people. The Quraysh honored him with the title Al-Amin, meaning the Unwavering Believer. The elders respected him with affection.

From an early age, Hazrat Muhammad's organizational strength was amazing. He could bring together different people of different ages, to do any honest work. All the people who came to him had a strange feeling. When Hazrat Muhammad was 18 years old. Then he formed an organization called Hilful Fazul. The purpose of this organization was to reform the society. All the work that the members of Hilful Fazul used to do was -

  1. He used to stand by the side of the helpless and oppressed in the society. 
  2. Resistance was built wherever there was injustice. The wrongdoers should not be feared, this is what they meant to all people. 
  3. They would extend a helping hand to the oppressed.
  4. Violence or feuds between different tribes must end, and people must be brought to peace. That peace will bring real prosperity and prosperity. They would explain it to everyone. 
  5. Widows were seen to be not abused in the family and society. 
  6. The country must be saved from anarchy.

At the age of 40, Hazrat Muhammad started a business for a rich widow in Makkah. The woman's name was Khadija. His business was far-reaching. And his caravan could go far. Khadija was very impressed with the efficiency and honesty of Hazrat Muhammad and he proposed marriage to Muhammad. If Hazrat agreed to the proposal, the marriage between them was consummated. Khadija was 15 years older than Hazrat.

Hazrat Muhammad's good deeds and thoughts of God continued. When the time came, he would go to Mount Hera in northern Makkah. He used to worship her sitting in a secluded cave there. After the marriage, Hazrat was no longer financially destitute, so he made that environmental situation more suitable by worshiping God. One day while Hazrat was meditating in that cave, he received a divine order. This divine order says that idol worship is the name of sin. It is our responsibility to stop idolatry and re-establish the monotheism introduced by Abraham. "La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah" means the Almighty God is one and unique.

God blesses those who put their trust in God. He was 40 years old when he received this command from Gabriel, the Messenger of God, and he has been preaching Islam ever since. He faced serious obstacles in preaching this new religion. Many times life has been endangered. By the infinite mercy of Allah, he has been able to save himself from all those dangers. His wife Khadija was the first to convert to Islam with Hazrat Mohammad. Gradually the Arabs started accepting Islam in groups.

Then an attempt was made to kill Hazrat Muhammad. To save his life, he left Mecca and went to Medina. The people of Medina welcomed him. The battle of Mecca-Medina was fought centering on Hazrat. The Muslims won the war. In the month of Ramadan of the Hijri year, Hazrat attacked Mecca with 10,000 soldiers and captured it. After that the people of Makkah were converted to Islam. The dominance of Islam was established side by side. He had no sons, but he was the father of three daughters. After completing his duties, Hazrat Muhammad left this world and ascended to heaven on Rabiul Awal in 632 AD.

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