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Ratan Tata Biography | Journey of Mr. Ratan Tata

"I don't believe in taking the right decisions I believe in taking decisions and then make them right." Quoted by Mr. Ratan Tata from closing first 2 companies to building such a big TATA Group empire.

Ratan Tata Biography | Journey of Mr. Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata Biography

How was Mr. Ratan Tata journey?

How was Mr. Ratan Tata journey? Let’s find out in this post. Coming from Gujrat to Maharashtra & belonging to native Parsi family. Sh. Jamshedji Tata founded TATA Group in 1868 And then in 1937.

Mr. Ratan Tata was born So can we say that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Let's see After completing his schooling in India He went for his graduation to Cornell University in 1959.

He did his graduation in Architecture And in 1961 after coming back to India he started his work experience with TATA Group. He started his work experience with a very basic level job in TATA Steel. He wasn't made the Chairman on the first day After that he got a good Managerial Position job offer in NELCO company Which is a company belonging to TATA Group, Manufacturing TVs & Radios.

But its condition wasn't that good Mr. Ratan Tata was able to improve its condition but owning to the economic challenges & slowdown the company was forced to shut down. This was first biggest failure in Mr. Ratan Tata's work journey After which he went to Harvard University to complete his MBA in 1975. After coming back, he picked up a managerial position in TATA Express Mills Which also failed & the company was forced to shut down too.

So, friends Mr. Ratan Tata too has seen a lot of failures in his life Success didn't came to him in one attempt. He too has seen a lot of Ups & Downs in his life but he never gave up. Ups & Downs are part of life & he has learnt a lot from his failures.

Chairman of TATA Group

He gained more experience And after 30 years of hard work & experience with TATA Group In 1991 he was made the Chairman of TATA Group when JRD Tata retired In his 21 years of Chairmanship. Mr. Ratan Tata grew the Revenue by 40 times & Profit by 50 times for TATA Group. TATA Group has more than 100 companies present across 6 continents You must have heard names of TATA's big brands like TATA Steel, TATA Consumers, Vistara, TCS.

These all companies have performed well & grown a lot under Mr. Ratan Tata leadership Besides his own brands, he has acquired a lot of others too From Tetley Tea To having a successful, Joint Venture with Starbucks.

Ratan Tata & Ford Revenge Story

TATA group hasn't left any Segment/ Sector/ Industry untouched which doesn't have their presence We all know about the success story of TATA Motors Commercial Segment But when TATA Motors entered passenger segment with its first vehicle, Indica Vista It failed

Because of which Mr. Ratan Tata approached Ford Motors Proposing them to buy their segment But Ford made fun of Mr. Ratan Tata by saying "If you don't know how to sell a car, then why did you make it We'll be doing a favour by buying your segment"

This made Mr. Ratan Tata feel very humiliated and he left the deal there and came back to India. He was determined to work hard to make TATA Motor's passenger vehicle segment a success too Which he made a realty too. And after few years Ford Motors approached TATA Motors to sell its "Land Rover" & "Jaguar" series.

Mr. Ratan Tata very humbly accepted the deal and then Ford once again quoted "This time you are doing a favour on us by buying our series". So, friends If we work hard with all the determination, situation & circumstances changes.

Growth of Tata Group Under Ratan Tata

TATA Group hasn't just only grown its numbers over the years TATA Group is well known for its Social Work as well. Mr. Ratan Tata is a Philanthropist If we see his share holding pattern 65% Shares of TATA Group Is owned by his 2 Trusts. Meaning TATA Group not only focusses over its growth, but does charity as well.

They want India & its societies to grow too Mr. Ratan Tata too saw a similar dream when he launched NANO Car, He wanted every Indian to have a car at a very affordable price but due to some technical difficulties the venture didn't see much success. But it wasn't a big failure enough to stop Mr. Ratan Tata and sailing through all the Ups & Downs, he served TATA Group for 21 years as a Chairman.

Ethics of Mr. Ratan Tata

And at the age of 75 years he decided to retire When in 2012 he appointed Mr. Cyrus Mystry as the new Chairman to succeed him. Mr. Cyrus Mystry held the Chairman position till 2016 But the corporate world was shocked by the news Of Mr. Ratan Tata & Boards of Director of TATA Group deciding to remove Mr. Cyrus Mystry with immediate effect from his post.

Mr. Ratan Tata had to face a lot of allegations of being a Controller & Dictator But when the case was solved the actual picture came to limelight People got to know that Mr. Cyrus Mystry didn't followed the most important thing He overlooked TATA Group Ethics and Values for some short-term gains.

A Japanese company by the name "DoCoMo" came to India with TATA Group's confidence That if they decide to leave, they'll be given their share and allowed to leave But Mr. Cyrus Mystry didn't abide by this commitment and refused to give DoCoMo their share Not only this, but Mr. Cyrus Mystry was taking a lot of other crucial decisions without consulting the Board of Directors Which was causing a lot of damage to years of reputation of TATA Group, its Ethics & Values.

It was then when Mr. Ratan Tata stepped up and took over the interim charge of TATA Group once again as Chairman From this incident also we can learn from Mr. Ratan Tata that ethics, values & words are the most important thing He never thought about numbers only. He always used to think for everybody, He always thinks about his business, his employees and society as well.


Let's conclude this post with Mr. Ratan Tata's words "None can destroy iron, but its own rust can Likewise, none can destroy a person but his own mind-set can." I hope you guys liked the post You got to learn something from it, do share with us in the comment section below. 

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