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Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan Biography

Friends! Sometimes such unique talents are born in the world whose wonder all the wonder remains. So, Friends I am going to talk about Great "mathematician Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan". One such Indian talent is named which not only India but the whole world is proud of.

Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan Biography

Srinivasan Ramanujan Biography

Who was Ramanujan?

Hardly at the age of 33 any scientist and mathematician have done as much as Ramanujan did it is surprising. That despite not having any formal education he made such unique discoveries in the field of higher mathematics.

Ramanujan was rich in prodigious talent since childhood. You will be surprised to know that he himself learned mathematics and, in his lifetime, Compiled 3900 theorems. And wrote about 120 Formulas. Among the theorems compiled by him "Ramanujan Prime" and "Ramanujan is theta" Famous One.

On the strength of his talent in the field of mathematics derive many original and unconventional results which is still being researched today. Recently of Ramanujan Mathematics formulas were used in "crystal science".

Early life of Srinivasa Ramanujan :

Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan's born on 22 December 1887 Erode in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, took place in a traditional family. His father's name Srinivasa Iyengar and mother's name was Komal Tammal. When the boy Ramanujan was one year old then his family settled in Kumbakonam.

His father used to work as an accountant with a local businessman. Initially the intellectual development of Ramanujan Was not like other normal children. And he did not even learn to speak until he was three years old which worried his parents. When the child Ramanujan were five years old then he was admitted to primary school in Kumbakonam.

Study Journey of Ramanujan :

Ramanujan was a man of a very gentle and sweet manner. His talent gradually on students and teachers started making a mark. He was so talented in mathematics that at school time had studied college level mathematics.

In high school exams in math and English received scholarship due to good marks which made the way for college education easier. His extreme math love he interrupted their education. In fact, his love for mathematics grew so much that they quit studying other subjects.

He also studied mathematics in classes of other subjects and used to solve questions. The result is that in the 11th examination, he failed in all subjects except Mathematics. Due to which the scholarship given to him stopped. His family's financial situation was not well already and the difficulties were further increased as the scholarship was discontinued.

Srinivasa Ramanujan Biography

This period was difficult for him to improve the economic condition of the house. Ramanujan did mathematics tuition and some accounts. In the year 1907 he gave the private examination of class XII. But this time also he failed, with this failure his traditional education also came to an end.

After failing in the private examination of class XII Some years were very frustrating and poverty for him. During this time Ramanujan did not have any job nor the opportunity to work with any institute or professor even under these circumstances. Ramanujan continued his research related to mathematics. Mathematics tuition earned a total of Rs 5 a month. And had to live in it. 

Struggle of Srinivasa Ramanujan :

This time was very painful and sad for them. For them to continue their maintenance and mathematics education had to wander around and people also had to ask for help. In the year 1908 Ramanujan's got married to a girl named Janaki.

After this, they take responsibility for their married life moved to madras in search of job. But not passing in 12th they did not get a job. On the other hand, his health was also declining continuously. Due to which he had to return to his house Kumbakonam.

After a few days of intense struggle and challenges he met the deputy collector of the place met Mr. V. Ramaswamy Iyer. Iyer recognized his unique mathematical talent and then for them provided for a monthly scholarship of Rs 25.

With whose support Ramanujan lived a year in Madras his first research paper published in "Journal of Indian Mathematical Society". Rich Ramanujan with a brilliant talent day by day doing new research on mathematics. However, during that time Ramanujan needed to pursue research related to mathematics. English mathematician's help was needed.

Hardy and Ramanujan Bonding :

But during that time the Indian mathematician in presenting himself to British scientists had to face a lot of trouble. In the year 1913 Ramanujan wrote a letter to Professor Hardy. Sent a list of his theorems discovered in mathematics 

What Hardy did not understand at first but later he got to know Ramanujan's amazing mathematical talent. After this, Professor Hardy felt that the work done by Ramanujan he should come to England for better understanding and further research. After this, correspondence between Professor Hardy and Ramanujan started.

And Hardy suggested Ramanujan to come to Cambridge to do research. Initially Ramanujan considered it clean but Hardy continued the effort and finally succeeded in persuading Ramanujan. Hardy arranged for Ramanujan at Trinity College, Cambridge

Hardy and Ramanujan

Young Member of Royal Society :

A new era began in Ramanujan's life from here and Professor Hardy had a very large and important role in it. This friendship of Ramanujan and Professor Hardy proved beneficial for both. And both of them worked complementary to each other. Ramanujan along with Professor Hardy published several papers and for their special research The University of Cambridge Gave them B.A. Degree. 

Everything was going well but England's climate and style of living was not friendly with Ramanujan. Due to which health started deteriorating after medical examination it was found out that he had tuberculosis. There was no tuberculosis medicine at that time So, the patient had to stay in the sanatorium for health benefits.

Ramanujan also stayed in the sanatorium for a few days after this Ramanujan was named a Fellow of the Royal Society. Throughout the history of the Royal Society no member has been younger than him till date. After membership of the Royal Society he also became the first Indian to get a fellowship from Trinity College.

On one hand, his career was going in a very good direction but on the other hand his health was deteriorating. Eventually, the doctors advised him to return to India. He came to Madras University on arrival in India. Got a professor job and he was again absorbed in teaching and research.

Death of Srinivasa Ramanujan :

The great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan towards the end of his life, he started living quite ill. He was afflicted with TB disease due to which his health continued to decline. Due to which he was just 33 years old breathed his last on April 26, 1920

Ramanujan never received any college degree nevertheless he wrote quite popular theorems of mathematics. But they could not prove some of them. Looking at his achievements the 1729 number is known as Hardy-Ramanujan number

Conclusion :

The Indian government declared on 125th anniversary of shri Ramanujan birth that 22 December will be celebrate every year as “National Mathematics Day”. So, friends moral of the story is that, in life we work hard anything can be also achieved. You can read Elon Musk biography from here.

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