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Good Morning World ! 

• Morning Walk Paragraph

Morning walk is a very enjoyable act. This is the best event of work. It is a beautiful way to interview nature. This is the best way to keep fresh throughout the day. This is a very good work in terms of health. It keeps people fit and healthy.

There is freshness in the morning air. Nature seems to take a new grip. After an overnight rest, the world is filled with freshness and joy. The morning rays have amazing energy. The buds bloom in the gardens and take the form of flowers! Cold dew of grass appears on the grass. The beauty of the unique form of nature is created on seeing it. Thousands of people leave for health. Farmers walk the rams of their fields. Some people walk around the pond or garden. There are many parks in cities too.

But lazy people are different. They do not have the habit of awakening at sunrise. They sleep late at night and can only get up by eight-nine o'clock. He does not know anything about the morning walk. When they face a variety of illnesses, when they face mental stress and problems, they fall asleep. But when you wake up, then morning. still nothing is wrong, so wake up in the morning, wash your hands and go out on a walk. Never let go of laziness. The body got energized within a short time.

• Good Morning Quotes"

It takes great courage to make dreams come true. Youth passes, life passes in making life
 - Good Morning

Don't know what innocence is in your face more than you hide
Looks good
- Good Morning

In the morning, new day starts, something special about you. Khushiya is with you if you remember your heart by heart. 
- Good Morning

Do not want to lose nor win for a successful life. Want a good family. 
- Good Morning

Love your life wait every morning after every night. That time will also come, which is waiting, just wait for your time. 
- Good morning

Please be so kind to my God, to follow the right path. Do not hurt anyone with my words, so much mercy keep me in my God.
- Good Morning

One good thing to learn from the fog was that when there is no way in life. So, it is futile to try to look very far, slowly, one step will open the way.
- Good Morning

A person adorns his face with a lot of eyes. But no one tries to decorate the soul, which is the eye of God.
- Good Morning

Not necessarily all the time, the name of God comes on Labo, that moment is also of devotion, when man is used for human being
- Good Morning

As long as there is breath, the "collision" will continue. As long as there is a relationship, the "wound" will keep on getting. Those who speak behind the back, let them remain behind. If our actions, feelings and path are right. then even "attachment" will continue from the non-residents.
- Good Morning

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