Reality Of Depression Symptoms and Treatments of Depression -->

Reality Of Depression Symptoms and Treatments of Depression

Friends we don’t even know, how many of them have wasted their life with Depression. Sudden demise of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput forced us to make this post. It's unbelievable that people like Sushant can commit suicide. we don't know the reason behind his suicide i.e. we won't discuss him here. But, we know there are many scientific and spiritual reasons are behind suicide.

Reality of Depression Symptoms & Treatments

Before revealing that reasons, we would like to reveal one thing and show you that when a person go against nature and when he wrongly use his power and abilities and destroys them. Then he gets a lot of chaos in his life and heart and the person gets imbalanced and unstable. He is not left with any other option falls into depression and finally finish himself. Friends we don't even know, how many of them have wasted their life.

Scientific Reason Of Depression

Now let's see the scientific reasons behind suicide when someone has got grief, worry and anxiety due to some reason there is a chemical imbalance in his mind. Hormones and chemical reactions take place in the mind. But due to depression and anxiety, their level falls during mental pressure, your brain chemical ''Norepinepheine'' gives you boost and courage to deal with the situation. But when it's level falls, it couldn't perform his work. The reason behind its decline is depression and anxiety another chemical ''serotonin'' which gives rise to good thoughts inside you when a person falls into depression, it's level declines then bad and negative thoughts increases.

Another chemical is ''dopamine'' which motivates you and gives you excitement when its level declines, it can't help you when you think you are useless, worthless, shrunk and tired no joy is left in life by this thinking. When a person falls into depression, then his system gets imbalanced, giving rise to chemical imbalance they get out of control, at this time, whatever activity his mind and body does is not even remembered by him, sometimes he commit suicide.

Secondly, when this chemicals declines in your body then demand of this chemicals increases in body in this condition a person do such an activity , which would give him an instant pleasure like porn and masturbation so body releases chemicals at that time, and person feels relief but this is not  a permanent solution, by losing semen, a person falls more into depression if porn and masturbation would have brought pleasure then thousands of youths, wouldn't have committed suicide.

An old lady told us that, she thought to commit suicide because of some family problems she was broken, but something changed her thinking. She thought that, she will die anyway, maybe sooner or later, maybe, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years, everyone has to die one day but then why forcefully take the life and go against the nature? Suicide have some spiritual reasons too, as we have positive and negative, both the vibes in the environment when a person falls into deep depression and anxiety when his life gets imbalance, then negative entities present in the environment take over him. Takes his depression to a new level in this way he gets out of control and commits suicide

Treatments of Depression

Friends, there are many reasons of grief, anxiety we have discussed them here. Problems are many but the solution is only one, thinkers says that, in whole universe, whatever things are being created, also gets destroyed this, creation and destruction is in existence since ages and that may be living or dead finally, everything gets destroyed creation is continued after destruction also this world, life and universe is karma pradhan (based on deeds) things that are not with you and you require them but if you work patiently and honestly as per the laws of nature and your needs your wish is fulfilled.

If a person has much money, respect and materials despite having so much, if a person falls into depression and commit the wrong thing than it may have only one reason behind this. Lord Buddha said that, this world is house of grief. The reason behind grief is Ichcha (wish) and vaasana (lust) the one who have unimportant wishes, unimportant lust, puts himself in pressure according to lord Buddha, if we can control our lust and desires, then only we can get real joy and make life success along with work.

We should also think about thoughts by great people by thinking about that we should try to know our self,
Who are we?
Where we have come from?
What purpose, we have?
What this world is up to?
Who made this world?
Why the world is created?
What purpose do I have?

When you will think like this after listening to thoughts of great peoples. You will know that, you are unique in your own way, no one is like me, I can do exceptional works. I have all the resources, ways and everything that I need. I have great people to guide me, then what I am worried about? Why I am sad and depressed?

From today, these things are under my feet no one has control over me but my actions will determine what I would get and what not so from today, my actions, my behaviour will be so good that everyone would be impressed and always remember me. And don't forget to increase spiritual level in your life. Thanks for visiting Todayquotes.

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