Top 4 Akbar Birbal Stories For Kids To Learn Morality -->

Top 4 Akbar Birbal Stories For Kids To Learn Morality

In this article today, we have presented the famous stories of Akbar Birbal. These are enlightening world-famous stories of Akbar and Birbal which children love and learn a lot in life.

The tales of Jalal Uddin, Mohammad Akbar, the king of the Mughal dynasty and the son of Naseeruddin Humayun, and Ratna Birbal, one of his called Navratnas, are quite famous. Emperor Akbar would often seek the assistance of his advisory minister Birbal when he was in trouble, or on some serious issue.

Who does not know Akbar and Birbal? Do you know the Akbar Birbal stories are world famous and every one of their stories gives us a chance to learn something?

Akbar Birbal Stories in English

5 Famous Akbar Birbal Stories in English 

These are moral stories that are very fun and interesting along with learning. Earlier episodes of Akbar Birbal stories were also very much preferred to watch on television. Let us know which are the best stories of them.

1. Akbar Birbal Story - the thief 

Once the kingdom of King Akbar was stolen. In this theft, a thief stole very valuable goods from a businessman's house. The businessman was convinced that the thief was one of his 10 servants, but he did not know who he was.

To know who is a thief! The merchant went to Birbal and asked Birbal for help. Birbal also said yes on this and told his soldiers that all 10 servants should be put in jail.

On hearing the same day all the servants were captured by the soldiers. Birbal asked who had committed the theft, but no one refused to believe that he had committed the theft.

Birbal thought for a while, and after some time he came carrying a stick of ten equal length and held each stick to all the chosen people. But while holding a stick, Birbal said one thing! The stick of that person will be 2 inches larger, the person who has stolen it. Saying this, Birbal went and instructed his soldiers not to leave any of them till morning.

When Birbal looked carefully at the stick of all the servants in the morning, it was found that one of the servants' stick was 2 inches smaller. Birbal said just after seeing this This is a thief.

After seeing this, the businessman asked Birbal how he came to know that the thief is the same. Birbal said that the thief had reduced his stick by 2 inches at night time due to fear of his stick becoming 2 inches larger.

2. Birbal's Khichdi story

It was a cold morning. King Akbar and Birbal were taking a walk. At the same time, an idea came to Birbal's mind and he said in front of King Akbar that a man / man can do anything for money. On hearing this, Akbar put his fingers in the water of the nearby lake and immediately removed it, due to the water being very cold.

Akbar said, is there anyone who can stand all night in the cold water of this lake for money. Birbal said, "I am absolutely sure that I will find someone like that." On hearing this, Akbar said to Birbal, "If you bring such a person to us and if he is successful in doing this, then we will give him a hundred gold coins."

The very next day Birbal went in search and found a man who was very poor and agreed to stand all night in the water of that lake for hundred gold currencies. The man went into the water of the lake and stood up.

King Akbar's soldiers also stood near the lake to guard the poor man overnight. He stood up till his throat all night in the water of that lake. The next morning the man was brought to the court to King Akbar. Emperor Akbar asked that person, "How could you stay submerged in cold water all night till your head?"

The poor man said in reply, "O Maharaj, I kept watching a lamp burning in your palace all night, so that my attention would be away from cold. On hearing this, Akbar said, "There will be no reward for a person who has spent the whole night in the cold water of the lamp of my palace.

The poor man was very sad to hear this and asked Birbal for help. The next day Birbal did not go to the court. When the king was upset, he sent his soldiers to his house. When the soldiers returned from Birbal's house, he told King Akbar that he would not come to the court until Birbal's khichdi was cooked.

The king stayed for a few hours and in the evening of the same day he himself went to Birbal's house. When he arrived, he saw Birbal sitting under fire in some wood, and hung the khichdi in a bowl of clay some 5 feet up.

On seeing this the king and his soldiers laughed. Akbar said, "How can this khichdi be cooked while a bowl full of rice is far away from the fire."

Birbal replied, "If a man can spend so much time away from the heat of a lamp all night in the cold water of the lake, why can't this dish be cooked. Raja Akbar realized his mistake and he told that poor man Offered his reward (hundred gold currencies).

So, what you learn from this Akbar Birbal Story Comment below.

3.  Akbar Birbal Story of counting

One day Raja Akbar and Birbal Raj were walking in the palace garden. It was a very beautiful morning; many crows were flying around the pond. On seeing the crows, a question arose in Emperor Akbar's mind. The question arose in his mind that how many crows would be there in his kingdom?

Birbal was walking in the garden with him, so King Akbar asked Birbal this question and asked! Birbal, how many crows are there in our state? On hearing this the driver Birbal immediately replied - Maharaj, there are 95,463 crows in our state.

Maharaj Akbar was stunned to hear the answer given so fast and thought of taking Birbal's exam. Maharaj asked Birbal again! If the crows grew more as you calculated?

Birbal may have spoken without any hesitation. Crows from neighboring states may have come to visit. And it has reduced Birbal replied, "Some crows in our state may have gone to visit relatives of their other states.

4. Three questions asked to Birbal

Birbal was very dear to King Akbar. He used to make many of his decisions in the assembly on the strength of Birbal's cunning and intelligence. Seeing this, hatred towards Birbal aroused in the minds of some courtiers. Those courtiers made a plan to make Birbal appear inferior to Emperor Akbar.

In one day's meeting, those courtiers said in front of Akbar that if Birbal will answer our 3 questions then we will assume that no one is smarter than Birbal. Emperor Akbar always stood ready to test Birbal's intelligence. King Akbar said yes on hearing this.

3 questions were as follows -
Question 1: How many stars are there in uneven?
Question 2: Where is the Earth's center?
Question 3: How many men and women are there in this earth?

On hearing this, Akbar immediately said to Birbal! If you will not be able to answer these questions then you will have to renounce the post of your Chief Minister.

To answer the first question, Birbal brought home a thick-haired sheep and said that the number of stars in the body of this sheep are in uneven. If my court friends want to count all the hair of this sheep, then they can count.

To answer the second question, Birbal drew some lines on the ground and after some time he buried an iron rod and said this is the focal point of the earth. If my court friends want to measure, they can measure themselves.

In response to the third question , Birbal said, it is very difficult to tell how many men are there in this world and how many women are there because there are some people in this world who cannot be added to that calculation like our court friends. . If we kill these types of people then we will also be easy to calculate.

On hearing this, all the courtiers took down the head. Then King Akbar said with a laugh! Birbal, there is no one more intelligent than you.

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